21st August 2020, London, United Kingdom – LGM Aviation Ltd is teaming with Rock2Recovery (a not for profit company) to help ease Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (“PTSD”) in the Armed Forces, veterans, the 999 community and their families.

In our first weekly post to introduce this exciting new collaboration we hear from Charlie Hobson – Company Secretary & Welfare Officer at Rock2Recovery:

Charlie, thank you for your time. How did Rock2Recovery come about?

In 2014 both Jamie Sanderson and Jason Fox (Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins) tried or seriously thought about taking their own lives. One brave man (disobeying orders) introduced them to Malcolm Williams, a specialist change management coach, who saved their lives. Jamie, Malcolm and Joy Jones (a Royal Marines Mum) then went round the country finding Royal Marines veterans and helping them. They then decided to establish Rock2Recovery as a community interest company and provide coaching for free. So R2R was born in February 2015.

What’s the story behind the name?

It’s quite simple. We help clients to find their rock which leads to their recovery. The rock is that which motivates and supports them. The picture logo represents Jamie’s own journey where he used music and climbing to reach for positive change.

So how does the company operate today?

Our mission is to save and change the lives of those in our Armed Forces, our veteran community, emergency services and their families who are affected by stress. Our purpose is to inspire, coach and motivate towards a more positive future.

Rock2Recovery has two offices: Jamie Sanderson continues to run the Head Office and the countrywide operation in Exmouth. Kenny Watson runs Scotland & the North of England from Edinburgh.

We operate Clinics in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, York, Isle of Man, London, Bournemouth, Exmouth and Jersey. We also have a roving team to go to clients whenever required. We are looking to expand in Northern Ireland and Wales.

Geographical Spread being Scotland & North East 25%, South West 35%, London & South East 28%, Jersey 5%, Isle of Man 3% and Bournemouth 3%. Be in no doubt R2R saves many lives every year.

Ok so let’s talk numbers?

In terms of Finances the cost for 2019 was £380,000. Matched by income. That is £688 per client or £232 per session. Huge value for money. A cash flow for 2020 and a forecast for 2021are available on request. In essence we rely on The Royal Marines Charity and The Royal British Legion for 25% of our costs. The remainder we fundraise ourselves – and mainly grateful clients and their families and friends.

Wow. So you really can achieve enormous value from minimal funding. How do you raise money?

A regular donation of £20 a month buys one quality session a year. Normally enough to turn a life around.

We fund raise through two channels: Team Fortitude which is our fund-raising arm as well as the Rock2Recovery website which is deliberately boring because if you are in trouble you do not want to see fundraisers having fun. So Team Fortitude is where our fundraisers meet and plan.

What are the benefits of running as a Community Interest Company rather than a traditional charity?

There are two reasons Rock2Recovery is a CIC. Firstly, there are 30,000+ military charities all doing good but competing for funds. Jamie felt we should not add to the confusion there.

Secondly, a charity requires, quite rightly, significant control from non-executive trustees which slows down internal processes. A CIC allows Jamie and Foxy the ability to move fast.

Our unique offering to clients is that they can be seen quickly and as often as they like. Being a CIC allows Rock2Recovery the flexibility to react according to a client’s needs. There is little bureaucracy in that clients are put in front of coaches quickly and they determine whether they have another session or not.

Love it! Tell us about the rest of your Team?

In terms of Coaching, Malcolm Williams remains lead coach with Jamie Sanderson by his side. These two lead a strong team: James Tripp, Claire Standen and Kenny Watson in Scotland, Alan Johnson in Yorkshire, Sheila O’Neill in Birmingham, Alastair Hill and Nathan Dunn in the London and the South-East. Finally Tony Atkinson, Nickie Tidmarsh and Debbie Banks are based in the South West. A strong12 person team.

The coaching is based on neuro linguistic programming (NLP) and integrated eye movement therapy (IEMT) with some hypnotherapy. In essence the coaching works on dealing with the meaning clients make of past events. If a client can change the meaning of events that cause them pain then the feelings will be changed too. We aim to leave clients focusing on the present with no or little fear for the future.

We are blessed to keep Joy Jones as a volunteer staff and integral part of the Exmouth Office Team. Carlie Foster joined the Exmouth Team in September 2019 as Office Manager and Welfare Officer to help cope with the growth in clients and administration. We have a myriad of volunteers who support our work. Now that Kenny Watson has progressed from client, through welfare office to coach a former client, Callum Connelly has offered to help Kenny run the Scotland and North of England office. We are blessed.

It absolutely sounds like it, congratulations! So then, where it really counts, who is it that needs help from your team?

We see any serving or veteran member of the armed forces and 999 services. In addition we will see any family member as well because stress does not just affect one person, it can radiate throughout an entire family. From the beginning of we have seen: 409 Royal Marines, 455 Army, 88 Royal Navy, 66 Royal Air Force, 65 Police, 21 Fire service, 21 Others and 5 Ambulance. That is a total of 1,130 clients who will be seen for an average of 4 sessions each.

The past two years we have seen approaching 500 new clients and we now average around 180 sessions each month. Each session is 2 hours long. It is a 24/7 operation with the 12 coaches and 3 welfare officers prepared to work whenever it takes to save a life.

No client is told that they have 6 sessions and that is it. Their recovery is in their hands, they determine the pace and direction of how they get better. We will help them find alternatives if we are not right for them. We are not the right answer all the time. However, no client is signed off. It is left to them to determine whenever they need us or not. Some do 2 sessions a year every year and that is enough.

Given the current climate, how have you been affected during the COVID-19 pandemic?

During corona virus we have carried on our work using video. Whilst it is not as efficient as face to face, it has been effective, surprisingly.

What should someone do if they need help or they know someone that needs help?

If stress is getting you down and you know that you are not your normal self and/or events in the past are clouding your life then get in touch with us. We recommend that you see your GP as well and seek professional help from the NHS. This can take time so we are prepared to share that journey with you.

If you are related to someone who is either serving or a veteran and that service is creating or has created stress for you then we can provide the same support for you.

Last but by no means least what can our friends and colleagues do to help?

We are always pleased to welcome you to help us in any way you can. The number one priority is raising awareness via social media etc. If you want to help us raise money then please visit the Team Fortitude website where a dedicated team raise funds for Rock2Recovery to support our vital work.

If you want to get involved with welfare and/or coaching then please email us on

Charlie thank you so much for your time. This has been a valuable insight into the amazing work you and your team are doing at Rock2Recovery.

Next week… we will be hearing directly from Clients Rock2Recovery have helped and learning more about the help and support they provide.