PRESS RELEASE: General MRO Aerospace Inc

PRESS RELEASE: General MRO Aerospace Inc

28 January 2021 – Miami, USA and London, UK – General MRO Aerospace (“GMA”) and LGM Aviation (“LGM”) enter into long term Sales Representation, Warehousing & Distribution Agreement to promote the sale of GMA component MRO services and to provide enhanced materials & logistics support to both organisations’ customers globally. 


“We are extremely excited to expand our repair management capability to include the comprehensive offering of GMA because we know what it means for our customers and partners. We are trusted to manage materials and logistics support for airlines and lessors worldwide. This agreement will deliver cost savings, enhanced reliability, and preferential terms to our valued customers. Lower costs and higher reliability have never been so critical in a post COVID environment.” – Louis Morris, Managing Director, LGM Aviation.

A focal point of the partnership is providing unrivalled repair management and logistics solutions to B737NG and B737CL, A320CEO an A320NEO aircraft operators. 

GMA is a globally recognized FAA 145 Repair Station that specializes in maintenance and repairs of hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, fuel and electromechanical aircraft components. Since 2006, they have consistently set new industry standards in all aspects of their business by providing unmatched flexibility, tailored services, and highly competitive turnaround times.

“We are looking forward to partnership with LGM Aviation to provide true value to operators and service providers. LGM’s in-depth knowledge of the global aviation market along with its strong customer-centric sales force, will greatly expand our global market reach.” – Edward Thompson, Vice President, General MRO Aerospace.

GMA’s Mission

Customers and their expectations are GMA’s number one priority. GMA exceeds them by delivering exceptional quality and reliability, which lowers their costs and allows serviced components to stay on wing and customers in the air. As a result, they have become an MRO industry leader sought by customers and in turn have been able to attain, retain, and service hundreds of global customers each year.

Our biggest asset, our GMA family, allows our organization to continue to grow in ideas, innovation, and building the exceptional reputation that our company has been able to garner.  We believe our team is the true reason for continued successes and customer relationships that have been built over the last decade.  

Before landing at GMA, our technicians rose through the ranks in their respective fields of expertise. Now, they strengthen our teams and offer our customers years of experience in component repair, ranging from Boeing, Airbus, and regional aircrafts.  Whether they’re repairing civil or military aircraft, our technicians are dedicated to excellence in professionalism and their attentiveness to delivering a quality product.

Our goal to our customers is to provide technical expertise, a quality product that’s reliable and total client satisfaction. We have built a brand that is respected and recognized throughout the aviation community by dedicating years to building lasting relationships with customers, suppliers, vendors, and community partners. We look forward to building and growing a lasting relationship with you our Valued Customer!

It’s Promise

At General MRO Aerospace, our number one priority is our customer´s satisfaction. We understand the importance of quality and timely service. We partner with your company and work hard to exceed your expectations so you can focus on the growth of your business.

Our Customer Service Team stands ready to support your organization. General MRO Aerospace places special emphasis on personalized service and custom-tailored programs to support your specific requirements.

We are hard at work to provide our customers the best support available. Our competitive edge is our Customer Support Team delivering excellence in customer interaction and proactive reaction to our customers’ request, concerns, and requirements. Our staff has years of experience in component repair.  

GMA is a premier provider in all aspects of the MRO component services to the aviation industry. Allow us the opportunity to be your repair facility of choice.

About LGM Aviation

Founded in September 2017, LGM is a global supplier of commercial aircraft parts and integrated services. Trusted by airlines, lessors, and aftermarket services providers worldwide, its core services include Materials and Logistics support, Repair Management and Tailored Solutions. Headquartered in West Sussex on the south coast of the United Kingdom, LGM has comprehensive global coverage and proximity to London’s Heathrow and Gatwick airports and the many organisations that serve them. Contact for more information.